Paperless technologies are all you hear theses day. You need to go paperless or going paperless is going to save you thousands of dollars each year. Going paperless is definitely the way to go in today’s modern veterinary practice, however, it comes with risks and if not setup properly, those thousands of dollars you just saved and now spent bandaiding your broken technology systems.

Your practice will choose paperless solutions for any number of reasons.

Some practices want to go paperless to:

  • Have the front desk run smoother
  • Show clients the health of their pets faster
  • Lessen the work load on DVMs
  • Stop looking for lost charts

Most DVMs want paperless solutions to increase efficiencies and consistency across their practice.

“It had always seemed obvious to me that you needed this kind of technology to be efficient and provide high-quality medical care.”

Dr. William Griffin,Black Horse Pike Animal Hospital in Turnersville, N.J

There is a risk! Regardless of what solution you choose there are risks if not done properly. IT-Simplified knows what has to be done to make sure your transition to paperless goes without a hitch. We know what your vet practice needs to do to make sure your information is secured and protected. We also know what systems you need to have in place now to ensure a smooth transition from your paper-based systems to one of the many practice management systems available.

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