Specialty Veterinary Hospital Depends on IT-Simplified for Surgery-Level Reliability From Their IT

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With staff holding many more years worth of training than general veterinarians would, and willing to do surgeries that a general veterinarian would not be qualified to do, Veterinary Surgical Services is extraordinary when it comes to the skills and expertise being offered – unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for their IT provider. Even after receiving “help”, Veterinary Surgical Services was left facing corrupted software and a network in ruins. Thankfully, that’s where IT-Simplified, LLC came in: IT-Simplified, LLC was able to help Veterinary Surgical Services reach the successful solutions that various other IT providers had missed, as well as help them achieve their goals.

Animal Hospital IT Services

In a medical setting, almost nothing is more important than staff being able to focus on patients. Nothing except for technology. In order to keep the focus on your patients and still be capable of carrying out operations, it is crucial to find a fitting IT provider who truly understands the needs of your practice.

The Situation: An Extraordinary Veterinary Hospital Dealing With Unextraordinary IT Providers & Impending IT Failure!

“We are a veterinary specialty referral hospital that specializes in surgery only. Our surgeons are A.C.V.S. board certified, which means they have years of surgical training beyond what a general veterinary practitioner will have and do the surgeries that a general veterinarian may not be qualified to do.” Explains Dr. Pamela K. Smith – M.S.P.H., D.V.M., and Administrator at Veterinary Surgical Services.

With Veterinary Surgical Services holding so many things on their plate already, it is hard to imagine that their IT environment would be one of them. Unfortunately however, Veterinary Surgical Services began experiencing a lack of care from their IT provider that was bound to bring them face to face with significant challenges, and resulted in the need for them to take the wellbeing of their IT environment into their own hands. Dr. Smith explains just how imperative technology is to the veterinary hospital, saying, “Technology allows us to create and manage patient records, perform blood testing, keep financial records and manage our radiographic images (x-rays). It enables us to show clients their pet’s radiographic images, send images to other veterinary facilities, give the clients a copy of their pet’s images and very importantly, it allows the surgeons to be able to see and measure the images in the O.R. so they can precisely cut bones for the best possible surgical repair.”

With such a heavy reliance on their IT, Veterinary Surgical Services was forced to seek out and pick up a new provider.

This new IT provider, however, was a non-veterinary IT company. Their attempt to set up Veterinary Surgical Services’ account resulted in corrupted veterinary software and a wreck of a network. Veterinary Surgical Services needed help, and they needed it fast.

The Solution: A Specialized Veterinary IT Provider Who Can Understand the Value of Every Second & Is Dedicated to Never Letting Them Miss a Single One!

Thankfully, Veterinary Surgical Services found through an online search for veterinary IT companies that there was a group of IT experts capable of solving their network issues, helping them with AVImark in their practice, as well as providing true customer-focused care. This is where IT-Simplified, LLC came in.

Dr. Smith remarks, “We were attracted to the firm initially because it was specifically a veterinary IT company. After speaking with Eric [Veterinarian IT Support Specialist for IT-Simplified, LLC] we felt confident that IT-Simplified would be able to meet our needs because Eric has knowledge about commonly used veterinary software including management software and E-film.”

Dr. Smith’s confidence was placed wisely. Immediately after signing their agreement, Eric was able to drive down to Florida within 48 hours in order for him and the team at IT-Simplified, LLC to spend the weekend with Veterinary Surgical Services and ensure they had a fully functional clinic come Monday morning.

Since then, IT-Simplified, LLC has continued to provide ongoing anti-virus, monitoring, and patching services, as well as further ongoing consulting to the veterinary hospital. As if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Smith elaborates: “We continue to work with the firm because we get great service at reasonable prices and the owner and employees are pleasant to work with. The firm understands that our surgeons cannot do their jobs without accessing radiographic images, E-film and Orthoplanner.

We get immediate response to an immediate problem that has the potential to significantly affect our patients. . .

Team members also follow up on problems to see if they have been resolved to our satisfaction. We appreciate the courtesy of the employees and the timely response to urgent surgery and reception related technology problems.”

The Outcome: An Extraordinary IT Partner Capable of Providing Fitting Solutions & Extremely Responsive Support That Work Best For This Veterinary Hospital!

Since partnering with IT-Simplified, LLC, Veterinary Surgical Services has seen significant benefits both from the work that has been done, as well as the work that continues to be done. IT-Simplified, LLC plans to work with Veterinary Surgical Services toward properly becoming paperlight and potentially even completely paperless somewhere down the line.

Possibly one of the biggest benefits that has been seen, however, is Veterinary Surgical Services simply having an IT partnership that they can depend on.

Dr. Smith expresses appreciation toward IT-Simplified, LLC on behalf of Veterinary Surgical Services, saying, “We are happy we found you. . . we see IT-Simplified as a trusted partner. Eric is very personable and he understands the specific IT needs of our business.

IT-Simplified is there when we need them.”

You are there when your patients need you, and that’s why here at IT-Simplified, LLC, we are there when you need us. We can help you shift the focus onto your patients, and off of your technology. Contact us today at (866) 338-5289, or send us an email at info@it-simplified.com to learn how we can help!

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