Why Is It Important Your Vet IT Company Offers Your Vet Practice OPTIONS When It Comes to Your Technology?

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What happens when a vet practice works with a Microsoft partner that ONLY provides Microsoft solutions? What if you want to use your iPad at work so you can access records in the exam room, and your IT provider shrugs their shoulders and says, “Sorry, we don’t work with Apple”? What if you want to install Google Apps in your office, only to be told it’s Office 365 or nothing at all?

How can you get the technology YOU need when your Vet IT company refuses to provide you with options?

At IT-Simplified, we believe in finding the solutions that are right for YOUR vet practice. There are no cookie-cutter services in our Pet Connect program:

  • We get to know your practice, learn more about your daily operations, and address the needs you have for your technology.
  • Then we’ll present the best options we can find, inform you on the benefits, and help you make the best decision to improve your productivity and meet the bottom line.

Call us today at (866) 338-5289 to learn about how we can provide solutions for YOUR vet clinic’s technology.

  • Pet Connect: Strategy – Consulting on YOUR Needs: The IT that works for the business next door won’t necessarily work for you. We understand that! That’s why we begin with a full business analysis, finding out what IT solutions make sense for your vet clinic. Whether you use Cornerstone, AVImark, or any other practice management software, we’ll work with YOUR existing technology to improve performance and increase productivity.
  • Pet Connect: Convenience – IT Solutions to Make Work Easier: Ultimately, your technology should make it easier to get work done, right? We can provide a variety of convenient IT solutions to choose from, like easy access on mobile devices, simple file sharing, electronic record keeping, affordable and versatile VoIP business telephones, and more! We’ll show you what options you have and help you make the right decisions.
  • And more!

With Pet Connect Managed IT Services from IT-Simplified, you get efficient computer and IT systems in place to ensure you don’t waste your time on tech problems and focus instead on helping your patients. Want to know how Pet Connect can improve how do YOU do business? Call us at (866) 338-5289 or email us at info@it-simplified.com today!

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