Five Effective Tips for a Smooth Paperless Transition For Your Vet Clinic

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Paperless Solutions For Your Vet Clinic With The Help Of IT Simplified.

An increasing number of veterinary clinics are going paperless. And, with good reason: going paperless has a great deal of advantages. Among others, it enables clinics to eliminate filing time and greatly reduce incidences of lost medical records and missed charges due to misplaced paperwork. Additionally, it allows for better inter-office communication, as employees won’t have to interpret poorly understood notations in patient records. Despite all of these major benefits, however, the transition to paperless can be challenging, especially when clinics fail to set realistic goals.

To help your organization achieve a smooth paperless transition, consider these effective tips:

  1. Set realistic goals for your clinic. Don’t go “all-in,” which will likely result in failure and backlash from your staff. Instead, we recommend that you implement change one department or process at a time and within a 4-6 month timeframe, taking into consideration the dynamics of your clinic and the practice management software that you’ll be utilizing.
  2. Evaluate your hardware. Practice management software should be run on a dedicated server not a workstation. Consider the following questions:
  • How much storage and RAM do I have available on my server for everyone to access data?
  • Are my workstations up-to-date and do they have the latest patches or specs? In terms of specs, it is necessary to have at least 4 GB.
  • How many computer locations do I want to set up? Do I prefer laptops or thin clients?

By having the latest third-party applications and windows updates, you’ll be            able to have the best experience with your practice management software.

  1. Choose and implement a process for maintaining your records. Carefully consider whether it is best for your clinic to begin the transition with new patients or by scanning new documents after each patient’s visit. In addition, you need to decide whether you want to maintain records for a quarter, six months or a year.
  1. Acquire the right consulting services to assist you in your transition. This will allow you to have a 2-layer response solution in the case of a disaster recovery. Moreover, a capable IT consulting team can help you to sort out quirks or glitches with your practice management software.
  1. Have a plan to test your restore and recovery process. Be mindful that the back ups usually provided by your practice management software don’t restore your server to 100%. When you design your plan, consider the following questions:
  • Where is my PM software located?
  • Is there enough storage? Who is backing up my data?
  • Do I have a full server backup?
  • Are there folder location backups?

IT-Simplified is a veterinary-only IT firm. If you have any questions regarding going paperless or another topic of concern, give us a call at (866) 338-5289 or send us an email at
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