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See More Patients in Your Veterinary Practice by Improving Your Productivity and Efficiency With Pet Connect

Your vet clinic is dedicated to providing the best care for animals that you can possibly give. When you have a waiting room full of clients and patients waiting for your help, you want to be able to see as many patients as you can while staying productive and not cutting corners. But when you have paperwork to fill out for each patient, records to look up, and diagnoses to make, there are only so many patients you can see in the time you have.

That’s why IT-Simplified provides our Pet Connect services for vet clinics like yours. We’re dedicated to streamlining your use of information technology to save time, improve productivity and efficiency, and free your staff to focus on your patients and not your technology. Contact us at (866) 338-5289 or to learn more.

Having a completely managed and well-designed IT Service in your vet office can make all the difference to your productivity and efficiency. We provide our Pet Connect service at a cost-effective, flat-rate monthly fee, and we’ll work to improve how you use your technology every day to save time and money so you can see more patients:

  • Pet Connect: Paperless – We help you eliminate the mountains of paperwork in your office, which helps you see more patients in two ways:

o   By removing physical storage for your papers in-office, you can transform your freed-up space into more examination rooms and overnight space for pets.

o   By creating, editing, and accessing your important records and documents entirely electronically, your staff will save time every day, so they can focus on your patients and not their paperwork.

  • Pet Connect: Convenience – We help you access your important data using mobile cloud technology, which is faster, more easily scaled to the unique needs of your clinic, and is accessible on the go with your mobile devices. This will save you time and increase your efficiency every day, so you can devote that time to your patients and not waiting for your IT to catch up with you.
  • Pet Connect: Support – Our team of IT experts are always available to help you with your technology, and we monitor your information technology systems 24/7 to prevent any IT issues from disrupting your systems and causing harmful downtime for your business, so you can see your patients without worrying that your technology will slow you down.
  • And more!

With Pet Connect IT Services from IT-Simplified, you can improve how you and your staff use information technology every day to streamline your daily practices and increase productivity, so you can focus on seeing more patients and providing better care. To learn more, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation review of your IT systems – we’ll show you how Pet Connect can improve how do you do business. Call us at (866) 338-5289 or email us at today!

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