What Questions Should I Ask When Selecting a Computer Support Company for My Vet Practice?

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Vet Practice IT Services

Having An IT Company That Understands Your Unique Needs or Having An IT Company That Works With Every Other Industry And Knows Very Little About The Technology Used In Your Vet Clinic?

Are you looking for a new computer support company for your vet practice? It doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Sure, lots of companies will try to give you the run around – they offer inferior service with higher prices and try to get you into a contract without giving you all the details. That just means that you need to know the right questions to ask, so you can make an educated decision for your practice. You deserve a support company that considers your industry specific needs and will keep your practice protected. So what should you be asking?

  • Do you understand our unique needs running a vet practice?

Technology is there to help you streamline tasks, improve quality of work, keep costs low, and make management easier. If your IT team doesn’t understand your industry needs and has never worked with a vet before, can they really provide adequate service? Your practice deserves to work with a company that considers your unique industry requirements and will help you use technology to take your business to the next level.

BONUS TIP – Ask if they are certified or have detailed knowledge of your practice management computer programs such as Avimark or Cornerstone.

  • Do You Provide Unique Services Focused On A Veterinary Clinic?

Your clients deserve the best, and that’s why we provide services geared towards the vet industry. We’ll set you up so that you’ll be able to create, edit and access your important records and documents electronically – you can finally give all of your attention to patients and not their paperwork. Our Pet Connect services will have your practice functioning at its absolute peak, keeping patients happy and doing your best work.

  • Are You Available Around-the-Clock?

Is there anything more frustrating than an unresponsive IT team? When you’re working with patients you can’t afford to have malfunctioning technology and no support team to help. With IT Simplified, that will never be an issue. We offer 24/7 support so your issues are dealt with as soon as they come up. Technology will never get in the way of you seeing patients again.

To get in contact with a company in United States that understands the unique IT needs of your vet practice, get in touch with IT-Simplified at info@it-simplified.com or by phone at (866) 338-5289.

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