Phenomenal 1000-Year Level of Rain Hits South Carolina

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Such Immense Flooding Can Take Your Systems Down FAST… Will Your Business Recover?

Carolina Flooding

The amount of rain falling in South Carolina is extreme with a shocking 1 –in- 1000 chance of happening at any point in any given year. This is an incredibly dangerous situation wherein flood warnings have been issued throughout many areas due to heavy rain. For example:

  • 20 inches in areas near Charleston
  • 18 inches throughout the Gills Creek area of Columbia
  • 24 inches in Mount Pleasant

IT-Simplified knows such immense flooding can take your systems down FAST. That’s why we provide our clients with business continuity planning that keeps them ready to recover in a moment’s notice. Call (866) 338-5289 or send us an email at for more information.

When such immense flooding occurs, your systems can be taken down in an instant – leaving you with tons of wasted time and money due to lost payroll dollars, damaged client trust, and missed business opportunities. We’re here to handle all of your technology – managing your systems and creating a business continuity plan that ensures:

  • Step-by-step procedures for recovery are outlined in order to make sure your staff members know what to do.
  • Employees can work remotely via the cloud in the event of inability to get to the office.
  • Applications and files are backed up and recoverable so you can get back up and running fast.

We make sure you’re able to get back online – and back to business – fast, so you’re never left unable to operate for hours, or worse, days at a time.

Contact IT-Simplified at (866) 338-5289 or send us an email at to discover how we’ll keep your company prepared to get back online – and back to business – fast.

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