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When you’re running a veterinary clinic, you’ve got too many other things to worry about for you to need to manage your technology too. Your IT should be the backbone of your practice: helping you improve your productivity, streamline your daily operations, eliminate waste, and improve how you give care for pets.

IT-Simplified is there to take away the hassles and worry by providing you with our Pet Connect Managed IT Services for vet clinics. Our team members are experts in IT solutions specifically developed for veterinary practices, so we can manage every part of your IT experience and let you focus on providing the best service for the animals in your care.

In order to always provide efficient and effective healthcare for animals and make fast and correct diagnoses, your vet clinic needs its technology to always be in top shape. IT problems mean more than just the cost of fixing the computer: when your systems go down, you’re left without the tools you use every day to access your patients’ information and provide your quality care. That can lead to:

  • Lost time and revenue.
  • Damage to your reputation and relations with your pet owners.
  • Decreased staff productivity.

That’s why Pet Connect covers all parts of your information technology experience. For one flat-rate monthly fee, we take care of the needs of all your IT systems with our proven methodology:

  • Monitoring & managing all your IT systems around the clock, so we can catch IT issues as soon as they arise and prevent them from causing downtime for your clinic.
  • Maintaining the quality of all your technology, upgrading as necessary and regularly testing to assure responsiveness and functionality.

IT-Simplified’s Pet Connect Service is broken down into several important areas that ensure your vet practice gets everything you need out of your technology:

  • Pet Connect: Protect – Security for all your IT needs, protecting you from malware like viruses & adware, and from cybercrime like hacking attacks and data theft, so your systems and important information are never at risk.
  • Pet Connect: Recovery – Business continuity and disaster recovery services that ensure your IT systems and data are backed up properly and that you’re able to easily and quickly recover them even if your clinic is hit by disaster.
  • Pet Connect: Communicate – Business telephone solutions using VoIP online services that let you take advantage of an Enterprise level phone system without the expense, and let you access your phones anywhere you need them.
  • Pet Connect: Convenience – Proven cloud computing solutions that let your clinic move your important IT systems and data to a virtual computer environment that’s faster, more easily scaled with the needs of your business, and accessible from any device you can connect to the Internet.
  • Pet Connect: Strategy – IT consulting and chief information office (CIO) services that give you the years of experience of our team of experts without the high costs of hiring your own full IT staff. We help you create a plan for using your technology to improve your clinic, year after year.

With Pet Connect Managed IT Services from IT-Simplified, you can leave worrying about the technology to our team and focus on providing your quality care to pets and their owners. To learn more, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation review of your IT systems – we’ll show you how Pet Connect can improve how do you do business. Call us at (866) 338-5289 or email us at today!

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