Ensure Your Veterinary Practice Can Keep Helping Your Patients Even If Disaster Strikes With Pet Connect: Recovery!

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Your veterinary business is relied upon by pet owners throughout your area to provide expert care for their beloved family members. You need to make sure your practice is prepared to keep functioning even if disaster strikes and closes your office or brings down your IT systems down.

IT-Simplified can guarantee your vet practice can keep using your technology to help your patients even in the worst disaster. Our Pet Connect: Recovery business continuity solution helps you backup your important data and systems securely in-office and offsite so you can easily and safely recover your files and keep working no matter what happens. Call us at (866) 338-5289 or email info@it-simplified.com to learn more.

Too many vet clinics are unprepared for the dire consequences of technological disasters. Whether it’s a natural disaster like flood, fire, or hurricane, or manmade threats like viruses and data theft, anything that can stop your technology working can cost more than just money for your practice.

You face prolonged downtime while you struggle to get your IT systems working again, which damages your productivity, profitability, and reputation with your clients. Many practices that suffer catastrophic data loss end up closing their doors either temporarily or even permanently.

IT-Simplified wants to help make sure your practice never becomes a statistic. That’s why, for a flat-rate monthly fee, we provide Pet Connect: Recovery to focus on:

  • Consultation: We help you design an easy-to-follow plan for your and your staff to implement in the event of disaster. This will walk you through every step of what to do to restore your technology, regain access to your important data and systems, and how to go about getting your business functional again as quickly as possible. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way so you have a reliable partner in keeping your vet practice up and running every day.
  • Security: We store copies of your data and IT systems both onsite in your vet clinic and offsite in our secure data center. By backing your systems up twice, you get double the security. If a disaster ever does occur, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access and recover your files and systems from the backup so you can restore your technology to where it was before.
  • Accessibility: If we migrate your key systems and data to a cloud environment, we guarantee your recovery even faster. When your systems are stored in the cloud, they work just like they would if they were on a traditional computer network in your office, but they’re actually stored online. This means that if your office is ever damaged or your technology is stolen, you can easily and securely keep using your programs and files from any device that can access the Internet, so you can keep working even on laptops, home computers, or mobile devices.
  • Proof: We’ll monitor all your backup processes around the clock to ensure they work correctly and there’s no loss or contamination of your data. We’ll also regularly run your practice through a Continuity Fire Drill, which actually goes through a mock recovery and restoration as if a real disaster was happening. This way we can prove that your continuity plan will work and that your backups are everything you need to get your practice running again if necessary.

Ensure your vet practice is prepared to weather any storm with Pet Connect: Recovery services. The business continuity solutions from IT-Simplified help safeguard veterinary clinics across the country and guarantee they can keep serving their clients even if their offices are damaged by disaster. To learn more about the other IT services and solutions we provide vet offices like yours, call us at (866) 338-5289 or send us an email at info@it-simplified.com today.

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