The Latest AVImark Update – What’s in it for YOUR practice?

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IT services for veterinary clinics, vet technologyYour practice, along with thousands of others across the nation, depends on AVImark software every day to keep electronic patient records and accurate billing and accounting. The good news is that AVImark seems to be consistently listening to feedback from veterinarian practices and improving their software accordingly.

The most recent iteration of the AVImark software is AVImark 2016 2.2. In this latest version, AVImark developers allowed for fixes to a few bugs in the application that were causing some grief – especially to users with high-demand, high-volume, patient databases.

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As we examined the developer’s notes for the 2016 2.2 update, we did discover that there were several upgrades that will make things easier for you and your practice. They are:

  • The ability to post an email to a patient medical file from the email screen. – This feature allows you to simply place any correspondence with pet owners, drug supply reps, or consulting doctors within the patient medical file for easy access and reference.
  • The advantage of sending an email directly from the invoice screen. – Sending your patient’s bill by email? Now it’s simpler! No need to navigate away from the invoice screen. A few clicks and your patient’s owner gets the bill via email.
  • The flexibility of adding unprocessed payments without adding a partial payment. – This “bug fix” allows for better accounting as the user is no longer required to enter a partial payment. Some practices were posting fake partial payments. That worked in the short term but was causing accounting issues later.

As we consider the AVImark 2016 2.2 update, the one thing that our IT-Simplified technicians felt was missing was an adequate backup protocol. In the AVImark 2016 2.2 FAQs, the developer of this software suggests that data be backed up daily and taken offsite. Given the volume of work that is done in a day and the very real problems that small to mid-size business is facing from criminals using ransomware, a more robust backup protocol has become necessary. Our backup and cyber-security experts strongly suggest that data be backed up as often as every 15 minutes and be automatically backed up to a secure cloud server.

All in all, this update of the AVImark software is to be commended. The developers listened to the concerns of the users and have produced a version that offers significant advantages to your practice.

To read AVImark’s notes regarding the 2016 2.2 update go to

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