Does Your Current IT Company Understand Veterinary Technologies Like IT-Simplified Does?

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Computer Services for vet clinicsLike any industry, vet clinics rely on unique technologies in order to function every day. From practice management software like Cornerstone and AVImark to digital X-Rays and other medical equipment, your practice uses IT more complex than a typical Office suite and server.

Does your IT company understand the impact these technologies have on your business?

IT-Simplified is completely dedicated to providing IT services and support for veterinary clinics like yours. Our Pet Connect program has been specifically designed to support, maintain, and improve your use of information technology to see tangible results in productivity, cost-efficiency, and simplified operations every day. Call us today at (866) 338-5289 to learn about how we can provide solutions for YOUR vet clinic’s technology.

  • Pet Connect: Support – Veterinary Practice Management Software: The team at IT-Simplified are the experts when it comes to proactive IT support for programs like AVImark and Cornerstone. Rather than forcing you to wait on the phone for tech support after a problem has happened, we manage and maintain your software proactively, providing customized tweaks to improve performance, regular check-ups to look for potential bugs, and 24/7 monitoring to catch IT issues as soon as they arise.
  • Pet Connect: Print – Zebra Printers & Laser Printers: We know that how important a quick and reliable printer network is to your clinic, whether it’s for a Zebra printer for Rx printing or a laser printer for check-in reports. Our team will ensure your network is properly configured and fully integrated with your practice management software, so it’s easy to print from any device in your office.
  • Pet Connect: Paperless – Electronic File Access & Storage: Many vet clinics struggle with the vast numbers of papers taking up space that could be put to far better use in serving patients. IT-Simplified can help your clinic easily use electronic records, making your files more easily accessed while eliminating the mountains of papers you deal with. We’ll help you connect your records with your practice management software so it’s easy to save and modify electronic records, and we can also help you digitize your existing papers to start freeing space.
  • And more!

With Pet Connect Managed IT Services from IT-Simplified, you get efficient computer and IT systems in place to ensure you don’t waste your time on tech problems and focus instead on helping your patients. Want to know how Pet Connect can improve how do YOU do business? Call us at (866) 338-5289 or email us at today!

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