Veterinarians Must Adapt to the Changes in Technology to Succeed

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These days, many veterinarians are being left out in the cold, thanks to the likes of “Dr. Google” and other “experts” in the fields of pet nutrition, behavior and so on. Pet owners have a wealth of convenient resources at their fingertips: They’re consulting the groomer for guidance on how to clean Tanner’s teeth or the sales associate at the pet food store for advice on which diet might help Shadow’s pesky skin problem.

The fact is, veterinarians are playing a complementary role in the healthcare needs of our nation’s pets, and I don’t see any sign of the trend slowing anytime soon.

So where does that leave the profession? Veterinarians must adapt or continue to feel the chill of exclusion. I’ve watched vet clinics succeed in this new environment, and those who succeed will appeal to what works for their clients:

  • Engaging with and educating pet owners on social media.
  • Giving your clients the convenience of an online store.
  • Providing them with competitive pricing.
  • Offering affordable payment terms.
  • Being willing to provide prescriptions so clients can exercise choice.
  • Educating them about trusted websites for information on pet care.

Most of all, veterinarians who succeed will figure out innovative ways to reclaim their role as the primary expert in all areas of their clients’ pet healthcare needs.

With all of the advances taking place in mobile technology, people expect to receive information instantly and conveniently—and there’s no exception when they visit the veterinarian. We foresee information being transferred between client and doctor in a multitude of different ways, all to the benefit of pets and their owners.

This is why IT-Simplified is here. It’s not just about the technology for us. Our vets have proven time and again to be important, valued friends who need and deserve a partner to guide them through this time of change.

We’ve worked hard on IT Solutions like Pet Connect that are all about making life easier for vets, giving you the chance to focus on pet care while getting the right technology to improve how you interact with your clients and work to succeed. You can have the same quality of technology as any Enterprise level company, but focused on your needs.

My team will go beyond just fixing your computer when it’s broken. We’ll be your partner, putting our skills and solutions to work to show you how you can adapt to the changes in the world and keep your clinic successful. Let us handle the burden of change so you can do what’s important: keep providing the best treatment for the animals in your care.

Eric J. Taylor

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