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VetSelect relies on IT-Simplified to provide fast-acting support for each and every IT issue they encounter.

VetSelect is a multi-location animal hospital and general practitioner in Dearborn, Michigan that services in- and out-patients. General Manager Dan Monforton discusses how IT-Simplified has helped VetSelect with more responsive IT support.

IT Services For Vet Clinics

VetSelect maintains a vast operation, with four busy locations in Novi, Commerce Twp., Dearborn and Dearborn Heights working every day to provide high-quality care for the pets they treat. As with any healthcare business, IT is an undeniably vital part of the care process, with record keeping of patient information as one of the most basic parts of daily work.

The situation: a high-pace, multi-location veterinary practice that needs reliable and responsive IT support when they encounter an issue that affects their ability to care for patients.

Regardless of the service features and apparent guarantees made by VetSelect’s previous Managed Service Provider (MSP), the bottom line is that when they encountered an IT-related problem, they needed it to be addressed quickly. Unfortunately, their old MSP failed to update them on tasks within a reasonable time frame, and often failed to accomplish tasks at all.

Dan elaborates on the importance of effective Information Technology in VetSelect’s workplace, saying, “Technology helps us maintain high-quality care for our patients by providing ease of information access to medical history, informational handouts for the client and cash flow management”.

The solution: providing swift response to VetSelect’s concerns with IT so that they knew they were being heard, and that their concerns were being addressed within a professional timeline.  

Understanding that they could no longer wait on an unresponsive IT company to address their needs, VetSelect was fortunate to come across IT-Simplified’s owner Eric Taylor on social media.

Dan explains “Our owner ran across an article written by Eric Taylor on LinkedIn. He was impressed with the article and decided to reach out since we were having problems with our current IT provider”.

IT-Simplified ended up being an ideal fit for VetSelect, providing them with the following service features in addition to rapidly responsive support:

  • Hosted Cloud Servers
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • Fully Managed Anti-Virus
  • Expert Support for Veterinary Software AVImark
  • Weekly scheduled calls with key staff members for all four locations, with regular updates and tasks assignments from the client.

Dan further commented on the refreshing quality of IT-Simplified’s service, saying that “They provided outstanding follow-up communication, constant availability and continuous progress reports”.

As to the results, Dan and VetSelect couldn’t be happier. “I would highly recommend their services,” says Dan. “I would highlight how wonderful their availability is”.

To benefit from IT-Simplified’s proactive and high-value support today, get in touch with them at (866) 338-5289 or You too can enjoy the success that VetSelect has gained with the best IT support from a nationally focused veterinary IT firm

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