Using the right practice management software is vital, however, it’s not the same as having a technology partner that provides guidance and support for all of your IT needs. The tech support lines from AVImark or Cornerstone are very selective about what type of issues they’ll handle – often leaving you scrambling to fix issues yourself or pay a lot of money for an IT guy to come in and help you.

You deserve a technology partner that never tells you “sorry, we can’t help you” when you need them most.

IT Services Vet Clinics

You deserve Pet Connect.

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IT Support Vet Clinics

When you need a true IT partner, you need to rely on one source: Pet Connect from IT-Simplified – a complete solution wherein we act as your IT department without the stress, hassle, or cost associated with hiring internal staff.

Here’s where our solution differs from relying on a practice management software provider or your existing IT partner:

  • 24/7 support for any issues available by phone, email, or our online portal.
  • Support your team members is issues with Idexx, AVImark, SoundEcklin, Impromed, etc.
  • Proven 6 Steps of Standardization Roadmap to stop issues from starting to happen.
  • Integrating your PM software with other systems for better performance.
  • Proactive planning and maintenance to stop IT issues before they start.
  • Protection from viruses, malware, and even unexpected natural disasters.
  • Expert guidance on using your PM software, Lab equipment, Dicom Systems.
  • Expert guidance on best practices to go to a paper light or paperless clinic
  • And more!

To put this very VERY simply, we want you to get back to what is important to you. YOUR PATIENTS!

You can’t depend on your practice management support or your existing IT partner who does not understand how all your systems work. Don’t find yourself stuck in a bind or paying extra for help – take advantage of Pet Connect from IT-Simplified – taking care of all your technology needs.

Computer Services Vet Clinics

Get started with Pet Connect from IT-Simplified and find out for yourself how we simplify technology for you.

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