IT-Simplified: Making The Connection Between Petcare and Information Technology

Running a vet clinic is an emotionally demanding career. Every day you need to work to keep pets healthy and save lives, and to provide the best possible treatment for the animals in your care, you need a solid foundation to work from.

IT-Simplified believes firmly in providing that foundation with the tried and true information technology services we’ve supplied for veterinary practices like yours over the years. We are focused on helping you with more than just broken computers: we want to help you pursue your goals, improve your staff’s productivity, and to see your clinic succeed so you can keep the animals we care about happy and healthy.

Who We Are

IT-Simplified started as most IT support companies do. We built up our team from engineers and support professionals who have worked in all walks of life and types of businesses, and we provided quality IT care and support for those businesses ourselves.

But every time we provided services and support for veterinary clinics, we saw immediate benefits that we really cared about. Everyone that works with our company has a pet, and watching vet practices improve their productivity and streamline how they provide petcare made us proud of what we do. It was clear that we could really make a difference for veterinarians who don’t have time to worry about malfunctioning technology.

That’s why we shifted our focus and started our Pet Connect service, providing complete IT care and direction for veterinary offices all across the United States. We go above and beyond just installing new systems and clearing out viruses: we become partners with the vet clinics we work with.

Focus On Vets & Their Patients

We are focused on providing real, tangible value for your business with our services. It’s important that we talk with you about more than just your computer systems. We want to know who you are, why you do what you do, and what you want your technology to do for you. That way, we can tailor our service to fit your needs.

Introducing Pet Connect

Our Pet Connect service is about taking all the worry out of information technology for veterinarians. We combine proactive solutions with innovative technologies, so we can stop IT problems from slowing you down and help improve your productivity and streamline your tasks and communications every day.

We Care About Your Practice

We believe IT should be a blessing for your office, not a burden. With Pet Connect Managed IT Services from IT-Simplified, you can leave worrying about the technology to our team and focus on providing your quality care to pets and their owners.

IT-Simplified is your dedicated team of IT professionals.

To learn more about our IT services and support, give us a call at (866) 338--5289 or send us an email at:

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